Wrathblade – God of the Deep Unleashed (Review in English)

Cover Wrathblade God of the Deep Unleashed

Style: Epic Heavy Metal
Similar bands: Eternal Champion, Darkest Era, DoomSword

Release date: 08.12.2017
Label: Eat Metal Records
Length: 38:03

Where does this bad habit come from, to publish annual best-of lists at the beginning of December at the latest? This is more than unfair to those bands whos publications could have still convinced both reviewers and new listeners in December. This particular album would have definitely deserved to get a fair chance in one or the other annual review list.

Even though WRATHBLADE are Greeks, I would have spontaneously located the band in Ireland. For one, intonation and dialect of singer Nick Varsamis remind me a lot of Alan Averill of PRIMORDIAL. And then, the epic of WRATHBLADE´s songs has something more Celtic than Hellenic to it. In addition, the galloping guitars remind me of Irish bands like DARKEST ERA.

Are WRATHBLADE Greek wolves in Irish sheepskins? The parallels are striking, but of course not a criterion for the evaluation of this album. The only criterions are the excellent songs!

These skilfully switch between epic and almost Melodic Death Metal-like parts. The latter are manifested above all in the sometimes fast-paced heavy guitars, and the passionate vocals also succseed the balancing act between expansive epic and aggressiveness (without growls). But everything fits together wonderfully. Despite all epic, the songs do not run the risk of drifting into doomy fields, as is often the case with other bands of the genre.

By the way, both in their lyrics and in the album´s artwork WRATHBLADE are Greek to the bone.

It remains to be wished that the band, despite beeing almost entirely ignored in the best-of lists of 2017, will succeed in achieving a higher prominency in the Metal scene. They absolutely deserve it with this highlight of Epic Metal! And after having enjoyed this album I will have to correct my musical stylistic world map …

Band Wrathblade
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