Visigoth – Conqueror´s Oath (Review in English)

Cover Visigoth Conqueror´s Oath

Style: True Heavy Metal
Similar bands: Grand Magus, Eternal Champion, Hammerfall

Release date: 09.02.2018
Label: Metal Blade Records
Length: 42:21

Somehow the debut album of the band from Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah passed me by. I´am more than reliefed, this did not happen to me again with the this killer album!

The jeans-and-leather-clad musicians and their frontman stand out prominently to vaporize the great pond between Europe and North America with hot steel, as their sound unites typical elements of both continents.

Not only does the band emulate big role models such as SAXON and MANILLA ROAD, they also fraternize with the NWOTHM scene in its musical spirit. The similarity to GRAND MAGUS is conspicuous and you also feel like HAMMERFALL more than once.

The differences mainly are the typical US sound of the guitars and the vocal color of the singer. The latter sometimes seems to be somewhat limited in the upper vocal range, but he shows attitude and creates pathetic refrains like there was no tomorrow.

The songs oscillate between the European and North American definition of Power Metal, but do not use keyboards or become thrashy. Everything stays trve to the bone, but sounds a bit rougher than most European genre representatives.

Epic heroic hymns, fast yet doomy riffs and driving drums are further stylistics that should not be left out here, as they decisively shape the overall impression of the album and add to the desire to bang your head to the sound of songs like “Warrior Queen” and “Outlive them all”.

But with “Salt City” a song has sneaked its way onto the album, which sounds more like a tougher version of KISS, is too far out of the concept and would have fitted better as a bonus track.

Friends of classic steel can invest in this album without hesitation and will secure themselves a very early contender for the top lists of the year 2018.

Band Visigoth
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