The best Metal albums of 2017

2017 Top 20 Best of the Beast

Last year has been very good to all wearers of battle jackets, hard rockers and other sinister folks. The compilation of my personal Top 20 (it couldn´t be done in less than that!) has therefore turned out to be quite demanding and one or the other high-class album had to give way to an excellent album at the very last moment.

Here are my 2017 annual highlights in alphabetical order:

Air Raid – Across the Line

The Swedes convince with catchy Heavy Metal and a great new singer, even more than on their previous albums.

Cover Air Raid Across the Line

Listen to the song “Hold The Flame” by AIR RAID on YouTube

Don´t Drop the Sword – Path to Eternity

Speedy Power Metal from Germany, which turns out to be far more than just a BLIND GUARDIAN copycat and yet is the ideal replacement drug for anyone who thinks that BLIND GUARDIAN have become too bombastic.

Cover Don´t Drop the Sword Path to Eternity

Listen to the album “Path to Eternity” by DON´T DROP THE SWORD on Bandcamp

Dream Tröll – The Knight of Rebellion

Melodic Power Metal from England, which does not shy away from using cheesy 80s rock clichés. Earworm guarantee!

Detailed review of “The Knight of Rebellion” by DREAM TRÖLL

Cover Dream Troell The Knight of Rebellion

Listen to the album “The Knight of Rebellion” by DREAM TRÖLL on Bandcamp

Emblem – Emblem

Heavy Metal from Canada that sounds just like classic underground Heavy Metal should sound. Pure enthusiasm and authenticity!

Cover Emblem Emblem

Listen to the album “Emblem” by EMBLEM on Bandcamp

Havukruunu – Kelle Surut Soi

Dark and at the same time symphonic Pagan Metal from Finland, which does not shy away from using Power Metal-ish guitars.

Cover Havakruunu Kelle Surut Soi

Listen to the album “Kelle Surut Soi” by HAVUKRUUNU on Bandcamp

Horn – Turm am Hang

The demanding one-man Pagan Black Metal project from Germany focuses on a powerful atmosphere. Direct song structures are crossed with folk elements on epic scales.

Cover Horn Turm am Hang

Listen to the album “Turm am Hang” by HORN on Bandcamp

Iced Earth – Incorruptible

The US Power Metal legend proves for the third time in a row that it still has relevance, which seemed to be lost in the 00s.

Cover Iced Earth Incorruptible

Listen to the song “Seven Headed Whore” by ICED EARTH on YouTube

King of Asgard – Taudr

Viking Metal from Sweden that steers its longboat across the seas to epic BATHORY hymns and storms into battle with the full AMON AMARTH force.

Cover King of Asgard Taudr

Listen to the album “Taudr” by KING OF ASGARD on Bandcamp

Nachtgeschrei – Tiefenrausch

The swan song album of the best German Folk Metal band, which unfortunately announced its disbandment in June 2017. An album that once again clearly shows why this band is unique and will leave a huge gap in the folk metal scene.

Cover Nachtgeschrei Tiefenrausch

Listen to the song “Tiefenrausch” by NACHTGESCHREI on YouTube

Night Demon – Darkness Remains

NWOBHM from California, which manages to successfully raise the stakes in comparison to the already great predecessor album.

Cover Night Demon Darkness Remains

Listen to the song “Hallowed Ground” by NIGHT DEMON on YouTube

Night Viper – Exterminator

The Swedes skilfully place themselves in the intersection of NWOBHM, Speed and Thrash with this album. Fans of “Kill ´em all” should definitely check it out.

Cover Night Viper Exterminator

Listen to the album “Exterminator” by NIGHT VIPER on Bandcamp

Pesterous Mind – Infinite Abyss

The guys from Hof / Berlin form their influences taken from Death and Black Metal into a modern variant of their own. The newcomer of the year!

Detailed review of “Infinite Abyss” by PESTEROUS MIND

Cover Pesterous Mind Ininite Abyss

Listen to the album “Infinite Abyss” by PESTEROUS MIND on Bandcamp

Portrait – Burn the World

Theatrical Heavy Metal with an occult note from Sweden, which was certainly modeled on MERCYFUL FATE, but has much more to offer in terms of vocals than the “King”.

Cover Portrait Burn the World

Listen to the album “Burn the World” by PORTRAIT on Bandcamp

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

This hardcore Thrash Metal saw from the USA cuts itself into your brain convolutions. This is the right stuff for everyone who is into SLAYER and S.O.D.

Cover Power Trip Nightmare Logic

Listen to the album “Nightmare Logic” by POWER TRIP on Bandcamp

Sacroscum – Drugs & Death

Crusty Black Metal from Germany, doing the splits between classics like HELLHAMMER’s “Satanic Rites” and modern bands like MANTAR.

Cover Sacroscum Drugs and Death

Listen to the album “Drugs & Death” by SACROSCUM on Bandcamp

Sarke – Viige Urh

Enormously varied Black Metal from Norway, which relies on both rocking beats and an epic atmosphere. The microphone is handled by no one less than Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE.

Cover Sarke Viige Urh

Listen to the album “Viige Urh” by SARKE on Bandcamp

Slaegt – Domus Mysterium

Progressive blackened Heavy Metal from Denmark, which you have to work on to get into it, despite the catchy songs. But it´s definitely worth the try!

Detailed review of “Domus Mysterium” by SLAEGT

Cover Slaegt Domus Mysterium

Listen to the album “Domus Mysterium” by SLAEGT on Bandcamp

Sons of Crom – The Black Tower

The BATHORY disciples from Sweden make a huge leap forward with this album and merge Heavy Metal and Pagan Metal into epic yet catchy songs.

Cover Sons of Crom The Black Tower

Listen to the album “The Black Tower” by SONS OF CROM on Bandcamp

Wode – Servants of the Countercosmos

Riff-driven Black Metal from England, that often strikes hard on the edge of Death Metal. More of an album for headbangers than for Black Metal purists.

Cover Wode Servants of the Countercosmos

Listen to the album “Servants of the Countercosmos” by WODE on Bandcamp

Wrathblade – God of the Deep Unleashed

Epic Heavy Metal from Greece. A rousing highlight, which was probably only missing in many best-of-the-year lists only because of its very late release date.

Detailed review of “God of the Deep Unleashed” by WRATHBLADE

Cover Wrathblade God of the Deep Unleashed

Listen to the album “God of the Deep Unleashed” by WRATHBLADE on Bandcamp

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