♄♄♄♄♄ “Saturnists” – Demo 2020 (Demo, Review in English)

Cover Saturnists Demo 2020

Style: Atmospheric Black/Sludge Metal
Release date: 12.12.2020
Label: Self-released
Length: 11:51

Even as a small hobby blog, I receive promo links and sometimes even free copies from time to time. I’m very happy about that, because not only do I feel flattered as a hobby writer, I’m also always on the lookout for new, interesting bands. As a big music fan who wants to support the scene whenever possible, I would love to review every submission. But unfortunately, I don’t have the time for that. On top, I only review music that convinces me personally.

The latter is absolutely true for the demo provided to me by SATURNISTS from Austria! It only takes two songs, or twelve minutes, to convince me to the fullest.

If you go by the name of the band, the songs “Ymir” and “Pandora” are most probably named after moons of Saturn. Comparable to the giant of Nordic mythology who gave his name to one of the moons, “Ymir” is the first creature created by the band. However, the Austrians don’t blurt it straight out, but take their time for the atmospheric build-up of the song to prepare the listener for the following storm of ice and fire – just like Ymir was born from these elements, too. But this storm is only unleashed with full force in the second song. At first, the rising wind blows at the listener in mostly relaxed Atmospheric Post-Black Metal, which even sounds a little like Pagan Black Metal due to its melody. At the latest halfway through the song, which becomes more and more threatening and dirty due to a restrained addition of Sludge Metal, you suspect that something is ready to jump at you in the seconds to come. With heavy, raw Sludge Metal and alternately extreme vocals, “Pandora” finally transports the sound of the band into the modern age. The successful feat here is that this doesn’t feel like a break in style. According to the legend, Ymir was torn apart by the gods in order to form new things from him. “Pandora” may be seen as this violent act itself, or as the newly formed thing. In any case, the reduced atmosphere (compared to the first song) does not lead to less tension, but takes the listener incomparably more under its spell.

SATURNISTS have put two contradictory and yet coherent songs on their demo. That requires courage and skill. Both are clearly present, and so I am already eagerly awaiting a hopefully soon to follow album.

Band Saturnists
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