Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Review in English)

Cover Sacred Leather Ultimate Force

Style: Purest Heavy Metal
Similar bands: RAM, Enforcer, Ambush

Release date: 23.02.2018
Label: Cruz del Sur Music
Length: 41:29

To point out the similarities of a Heavy Metal band to both JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, is usually a sign of an unimaginative mind of the reviewer. After all, they are two of the bands that formed the genre, which means that their influences have to be found on a Heavy Metal album by definition. And yet, I think that both bands are the best match for what SACRED LEATHER do on their debut album.

The bearded men from Indianapolis are deeply rooted in 80s Heavy Metal and they are able to revive the spirit of the past immaculately. The instruments can be attributed to both legends mentioned above, especially the phenomenal guitars, that are reminiscent of both “Seventh Son …” and “Screaming for Vengeance”. On the microphone, former SKELETONWITCH drummer Dustin Boltjes (henceforth known as Dee Wrathchild) tries to emulate the Metal God himself, which of course is doomed to failure, even though the mostly high pitched vocals easily pass as grandiose.

Despite all their love for the pureness of Heavy Metal, SACRED LEATHER remain unpredictable enough for never being boring. You will not only find classic songs for headbangers and fistraisers on “Ultimate Force”, but also an extended ballad and an unusually long final track of nine minutes. The album’s 41 minutes pass quickly and you’ll emidiately hurry to the stereo to press the play button again.

Too late to pray, nowhere to hide, Ultimate Force!

Band Sacred Leather
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