Pesterous Mind – Infinite Abyss (Review in English)

Cover Pesterous Mind Ininite Abyss

Style: Melodic blackened Death Metal

Release date: 23.09.2017
Label: Self-released
Length: 54:06

“We play a modern mixture of all our favorite music styles and always try to combine different stuff”. With these words, the band from Hof ​​/ Berlin describes its style on their Bandcamp site. Isn´t it hard to believe, that songs with an identity of their own can come out of this?

This album might be the one I heard most in 2017. Therefore, I can give the all-clear in this regard and assert that the guys have actually made something own from their multiple influences. And not only that, the intensity and the richness of details of the songs still amaze me every time I listen to them!

The opener “Sentenced to Live” smashes you right to the ground with mid tempo stomping and highspeed bludgeons. But like any good moshpit, someone will help you on your feet right away. The perfect way to get in the mood for the almost hour-long pull of Death Metal hardness and Black Metal melodies.

“Until Dawn” then starts with a heavy and at the same time atmospheric intro, only to then change from one second to the next into a flawless 90s Melodic Death Metal cracker. Excellent!

At this point it should be mentioned that every instrument finds its place in the great production. Although every musician is allowed to make a name for himself, everything forms a coherent unity, in which every band member shines on his instrument. Just listen to the middle of “Until Dawn”, during which the guitarists first overlay a muscular riff with feedback, then the drummer skilfully takes the lead, while the frontman pumps himself up for heaving the breath to stomp everything in the ground together with his band mates.

In the following songs “Idiocracy” and “Don’t Let This World Tear You Apart”, we want to pay special attention to the man at the microphone and his mastery of the complete range of roars, growls, grunts and sqeals. Switching between the different styles seems a bit improvised one or the other time, but the variable voice is brutally fun and matches the varied song material.

The complex “Laboratory of the Devil” does justice to its name and shows the versatility of the guys once more, who seem to have wanted to try out how many good ideas you can put into a single song (especially the drummer).

My personal highlight follows with “Post Nubila Phoebus”. The song starts out with a wonderfully quiet intro, accompanied by an unobtrusive and atmospheric soundscape. But you can already guess from the drums´ increase in loudness, that you will soon be smashed again. What then, of course, happens, accompanied by a melody that has indelibly burned into my long-term memory.

The instrumental piece “Inferno” then serves as an intro for the brutal hammer “Flower of Flesh and Blood” and now at the latest, you can not help but to enclose the guys in your black heart. Finally, “Samhain” and the Black’n Roll intro to the title track “Infinite Abyss” show once again how well the band understands to combine the different influences of Death and Black Metal into a harmonious and modern breed.

This is followed by three demo songs that were previously released on Soundcloud. But as they lag behind not only in terms of production, I’ll leave them be and end by saying emphatically:

PESTEROUS MIND are my newcomer of the year!

Band Pesterous Mind
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