Pesterous Mind – Halluci.Nation (Review in English)

Cover Pesterous Mind HalluciNation

Style: Modern Melodic Death Metal
Release date: 29.03.2019
Label: Boersma-Records
Length: 52:43

While writing my highlights lists for 2018, I’ve decided to review more Death Metal in the near future. The new album of the German band PESTEROUS MIND hits the shelves at the perfect time to meet this intention, especially as I have taken the band to my heart with their debut album in 2017. The sympathetic Franconians also were my newcomers of that same year.

First of all, it should be noted that these Death Metal maniacs continued what they started on “Infinite Abyss”. But this certainly does not mean that “Halluci.Nation” sounds exactly like its predecessor. But what continues the stylistic path the band has taken on the debut, is their joy of experimentating, which (nevertheless) produces songs with character and substance.

The basis of the modern sound of the quartet is formed by a highly melodic Death Metal hurricane with Black Metal influences and variably roaring vocals. The guys have recently added some progressive elements to that mixture, that sometimes even sound like Post Rock. At the same time, this album is also more aggressive and faster than its predecessor, which is probably due to the high share of Thrash. Also the number of solos has increased a lot.

Ingenuity is a feature that the boys are by no means lacking, even if this is not immediately apparent on the first run, because that’s when you’ll feel like you’re being rolled over by a loudly thundering train. But already at the second attempt, characteristics will start to come to light. So despite its high degree of heaviness this is an album for explorers. An example: of which series does the melody of “Forsaken” remind you?

The guys also have a lot to offer in terms of craftsmanship. They are fast, precise and versatile. On the debut album, the switches between the different types of expressions of the singer sometimes sounded a bit too improvised to me, but now he uses his variability more dosed and therefore more effective.

But there is one thing to complain about. I can not fucking decide which song I think is the best! Is it the multilayered opener “Completely Incomplete”? Possibly the Swedish blast “Rotten Soul”? Or the crushing “Your God Failed”? Maybe the ultra-melodic “Forsaken”? Or is it the outstanding “Crying Leaves”?

The bottom line is, that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And why should I?! This great album is hell of a fun and blows me away. Again!

Band Pesterous Mind
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