Night Demon – Live Darkness (Review in English)

Cover Night Demon Live Darkness

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Release date: 10.08.2018
Label: Steamhammer
Length: 92:17

There are live albums that are – with all due respect – superfluous. This is usually the case when the performed songs are simple and uninspired replays of studio versions without added value. But there are also elementally important live albums, especially IRON MAIDEN’s energetic classic “Live After Death”, or lesser-known gems such as DEATH’s “Live in L.A.”.

When NIGHT DEMON, being one of the most dedicated hopefuls of traditional Heavy Metal, publishes a live album, you instantly assume that it will probably be more of a matter of the heart than an expandable barrel burst.

In fact, “Live Darkness” stands for everything we love about a sweaty Heavy Metal show. The band performs on a top-notch level, without stiffening. On the contrary, the songs presented are bursting with energy and are mostly performed faster and dirtier than on record. The production corresponds to a real live experience, including little too softly mixed vocals. The song selection is excellent, as it includes almost the entire repertoire of the band in the approximately 90 minutes of playing time. While hoping in vain for a cover of IRON MAIDEN’s “Running Free” on the drum intro for the song “Curse of the Damned”, there is a cover in the last third of the setlist of the song “Evil Like a Knife” by and performed together with MIDNIGHT’s Athenar.

The audience is understandably excited and celebrates the trio from California for what they are: heroes of Heavy Metal!

NIGHT DEMON fans, and all of those who do not have any releases of the band on their shelves so far, can buy this album without hesitation, because “Live Darkness” is anything but a superfluous quick shot after only two studio albums, but the definition of Heavy Metal.

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