Moldé Volhal – Into the Cave of Ordeals… (EP, Review in English)

Cover Molde Volhal Into the Cave of Ordeals

Style: Archaic Melodic Black Metal
Similar bands: Forteresse, Summoning, Ancient Flame

Release date: 27.07.2020
Label: Self-released
Length: 28:06

In times of social media it is rather unusual when you can hardly find out anything about a band. Usually they try to be as open-hearted as possible to the potential fan in order to build a lasting personal bond. Of course, especially in Black Metal, many artists prefer art over cult of personality, use pseudonyms and often paint or even mask their faces. And so far I haven’t been able to find out a lot about MOLDÉ VOLHAL, despite an intensive search on Google.

So let’s start with an inventory before we turn to what this review is actually about, namely the five great songs on this EP. Of course, you don’t really have to know anything about musicians themselves to appreciate their music and to try to understand it. But somehow it would help to sort out what you heard a little better. Well, first of all, the band is actually not a band, but the one-man project of the artist “Dag”. Dag comes from Norway and feels part of the Black Metal underground. Well, unfortunately that’s all I could find out.

So let’s surrender to the charm of the unknown and dedicate ourselves to the almost 30 minutes of music on this debut EP. Because at least this seems certain, it is indeed the first musical sign of life of the project. Even if it is definitely not the first one of the musician himself, because what Dag has published here on his own requires experience in other bands. The pieces of the puzzle typical of Melodic Black Metal fit together too perfectly, the songs are too mature and the multi-instrumentalist’s performance is too skilful.

From the first second, Dag gives full throttle and rolls over us with lightning-fast guitars and blasting drums. The battle, which can be heard discreetly in the background, fits perfectly with the overall picture. Dag’s rasping grumble sets in at the same time as one of the many epic melodies that this EP has to offer in abundance and which, in their warmth, form the opposite pole to the Nordic coldness of the riffs. The Norwegian’s understanding of melody manifests itself again and again in solos that could also be assigned to classic Heavy Metal. This is frequently reminiscent of the Canadian band FORTERESSE or the American one-man project ANCIENT FLAME.

SUMMONING-like keyboards also find their way into the songs, but rarely in the foreground – and if they do, then only because it enhances the atmosphere. The exception is the almost three-minute instrumental “In the Land where Frozen Rivers Meet …”, which is actually Dungeon Synth. Great!

The cover of this EP is also great, but if you look at the comments section on Bandcamp, not everyone sees it that way. For me, the motif appropriately reflects the character of the music, which is different from what we are used to, which seems a bit strange and which is rooted in the underground. In addition, in contrast to the lack of information about the project, it presents us with the Jackson guitar playing artist himself.

For my part, I am very curious to see whether someone will be able to lure Dag out of his cave in the near future and to question him more closely. I would be happy to incorporate this information in my annual highlights list, on which this terrific EP is guaranteed to be included!

Band Molde Volhal
Moldé Volhal on Bandcamp, Metal Archives

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