Midnight Force – Dunsinane (Review in English)

Cover Midnight Force Dunsinane

Style: Old school Heavy metal
Similar bands: Amulet, Enforcer, Night Demon

Release date: 24.02.2018
Label: Self-released
Length: 43:03

“Dunsinane” could easily be mistaken for a long-forgotten gem or well-kept secret from the very early days of Heavy Metal. Even though both the songs and the production seem to be from a long gone era, a more than fresh wind is blowing from the speakers.

On this album Glasgow’s MIDNIGHT FORCE report of a time when Heavy Metal peeled out of the hard shell of Hardrock. Each song exudes the spirit of starting something new that must have reigned in the late 70s and early 80s when bands like JUDAS PRIEST, CIRITH UNGOL, ANGEL WITCH and, of course, IRON MAIDEN set out to create something that still resonates at full volume to this day. Stylistic devices of the aforementioned bands can be found in the songs of this album, but without sounding like a flat copy. Moreover, the peculiarities of the role models from the NWOBHM are shaped into something that may not be entirely new, but is exciting and special at the same time.

The anachronistically produced album exudes a typical Scottish charm. Not only in the dialect of the singer, but also in occasional folky gleams, especially in the terrific title track, which may well be compared to a band like SKYCLAD, without a need for folk instrumentation beyond the acoustic guitar.

Special mention should be made of the bass playing by Brenden Crow, which is often reminiscent of Michael Vujejia (CIRITH UNGOL) and sometimes even of Steve Harris (IRON MAIDEN). But the rest of the band does absolutely not have to hide. The drumming is more than solid, the guitars are fun and the occasional Hammond organ is used restrained but effective. The singing of John Gunn is terrific! On the threshold of mischief, he emphasises single words through sharp cries, and enthusiastically narrates stories as if mastering a D&D session.

This album will delight all musical truffle pigs, who are always on the lookout for the one precious find worth enjoying on their gourmet turntable in continuous rotation.

Pure dead brilliant!

Band Midnight Force
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