Meurtrières – Meurtrières (EP, Review in English)

Cover Meurtrieres

Style: Traditional Heavy Metal
Similar bands: Chevalier, Legionnaire, Citadelle, Satan’s Hallow

Release date: 10.02.2020
Label: Self-released
Length: 28:39

Pardon, but to me French has not had the reputation of a great sounding language for Metal so far. But mon dieu, when I’m challenged to “En garde!” in such a courageous and at the same time charming way as on this debut EP from Lyon, then this language is gaining more prestige peu a peu.

During my Bandcamp researches, I stumbled upon this gem of traditional Heavy Metal a few weeks ago, which would probably have passed me unnoticed without the essential music platform, because the band does not seem to be particularly concerned about public relations. Why, is a mystery to me, because the French certainly do not need to hide their well balanced collage of Heavy Metal finesse, Di’Anno Déjà-vus and ambitious variety.

You may think you recognize Stoner Rock elements in the overture of this EP in the first place, but you will soon hear brilliant double leads, aggressive rhythms and a skilful NWOBHM bass homage. This foray into the genre of traditional Heavy Metal does not stop at Hard Rock arrangements (that are in nunances reminiscent of HORISONT). The French exude such a good mood and enthusiasm that it is difficult for me to maintain my composure. All this is grounded by sinister lyrics about destinies of strong women in the Middle Ages (note the perfect symbiosis with the great cover artwork), which the female singer recites with a sonorous timbre.

Let’s hope that the debutants stay motivated and, after this amuse gueule, get to work on their debut album as soon as possible. I’m already looking forward to it, because for me these French are part of the creme de la creme of the underground of traditional Metal. And of course, I still hope for a chic physical release of the EP, which is currently only available digitally.

In summary, I allow myself one last Gallicism: Chapeau!

Band Meurtrieres
Meurtrières on Bandcamp, Metal Archives

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