Godslave – Reborn Again (Review in English)

Cover Godslave Reborn Again

Style: Thrash Metal that wears no blinkers
Similar bands: Onslaught, Overkill, Exodus

Release date: 09.03.2018
Label: Green Zone Music
Length: 53:14

GODSLAVE have made a better person of me. Well, that may be a bit exaggerated, but they did remind me of something very important: prejudices are not only out of place in human interaction, but also in music.

An animated music video, a video series called “Wazzup”, a band mascot named “Horst” and more, made me doubt in the first place, whether GODSLAVE do possess a musical seriousness or not. I already wanted to avoid the band, but then clicked on the video for the song “Burn You All”. Oh boy, I was so wrong!

GODSLAVE are by no means lacking in seriousness. In addition to various activities for keeping fans interested between albums (such as their YouTube channel) and to keep the band alive (such as a crowdfunding campaign for a new band bus), they obviously entered the studio with the necessary musical seriousness, too. If you are not serious and wholeheartedly involved, you will not be able to create an album like “Reborn Again”, which is full of good ideas, strong and varied songs and a good dose of enthusiasm.

The dynamic Thrash Metal performed on “Reborn Again” is completely free of blinkers. Even the genre name “Thrash” is actually already too simple for what the German band (with a penchant for the colour green) actually plays. GODSLAVE’s sound also contains a lot of Heavy Metal, which is often reminiscent of RUNNING WILD and GRAVE DIGGER. The positive mood of the heavy and up-tempo songs clearly sets the self-producing band apart from genre colleagues like KREATOR and DESTRUCTION.

But, all that glitters is not green. An open and creative mind is a good thing, but the band exaggerates it more than once. The banjo in the otherwise very classic “Instrumental Illness” feels like a foreign object (and I actually love banjos!), the female guest vocals in “No Complaint” are not very convincing and the spoken intro for the song “Born to Fight” makes you feel second-hand embarrassment (it’s German and translates to something like “Do you want to touch it, you dirty thing?”).

Listeners who do not stubbornly insist on old-school sound and who can turn a blind eye on misguided jokes, will definitely have fun with “Reborn Again”! By the way, the video series mentioned in the beginning of this review are actually very entertaining (but in German, sorry)!

Band Godslave
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