Exist – Get Your Own (EP, Review in English)

Cover Exist Get Your Own

Style: Bay Area Thrash Metal
Similar bands: Mantic Ritual (R.I.P.), Havok, Cauldron

Release date: 22.02.2017
Label: Self-released
Length: 26:26

Did you know that San Francisco is located at the Polish River Vistula now? Me neither, but it has to be, because this first musical sign of life by the Polish youngsters of EXIST is pure Bay Area sound!

The Spanish flamenco guitars at the beginning of the title track “Get Your Own” do not suggest this yet, but after about one and a half minutes it already becomes clearer where this trip will take you, even though the guys allow themselves another minute until they really get going. As mentioned before, the destination of this trip is the Bay Area, and even more so, at its most glorious times. This is the impression EXIST create on their EP, thanks to a well-functioning package of songs, production, cover and unmistakable talent.

But let’s stay with the songs first. Once “Get Your Own” has picked up speed, and the pissed off vocals have joined in, you can draw direct comparisons to the big players of the Bay Area. Of course you should not just define a band by their role models, but with a newcomer, qualitative parallels to MEGADETH, DEATH ANGEL, HEATHEN and METALLICA are certainly worth mentioning. The four guys know how to play their instruments, but especially the solos are at a damn high level, which probably is the reason why we get to hear several of them in each single song. That makes the already entertaining songs even more varied. In addition to the differentiated but never too technical drumming, cross-references to traditional Heavy Metal, which manifest themselves above all in the galloping IRON MAIDEN obeisances, contribute to this variety. Fortunately, EXIST places more value on melodies and structures than on pure thrashing.

One must also positively emphasize the production of this demo EP, because it sounds like it was recorded in a real studio, and if that would have taken place in the eighties. The drums sound organic, the guitars have a METALLICA feeling to them and the bass is audible at all times, which has unfortunately not always been the case in Thrash Metal’s history. The EP’s cover is reminiscent of Ed Repka’s work on “Spiritual Healing” by DEATH, at least as far as the choice of colour is concerned. DEATH played the wrong genre for an apt comparison, but since it feels like Mr. Repka is drawing every second Thrash Metal cover, the circle closes again.

“Get Your Own” does little to nothing that is new, but Thrash Metal does not have to win prizes for originality anymore or reinvent itself. But why should one dedicate his undivided attention to this EP, regarding the masses of demos that appear daily? Quite simply, because EXIST are bloody talented and I hope to hear a lot more of them in the future!

Take the title of the EP to your heart and send the band a message to get a copy of your own.

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