Dream Tröll – The Knight of Rebellion (Review in English)

Cover Dream Troell The Knight of Rebellion

Style: Rocking melodic Power Metal
Similar bands: Stratovarius, Grand Magus, Visigoth

Release date: 09.05.2017
Label: Self-released
Length: 49:29

Do you know the feeling of listening to a 80s Pop-Rock hit on the radio over coffee and cake on Sunday afternoon, thinking “that song is kind of cool but not metal enough”? Then this album could be just right for you.

A He-Man-ish guy with long hair and a full beard clenches his iron fist and raises a band logo shaped sword to a sky full of lightnings. As nerdy and nostalgic as the great cover artwork of this debut album presents itself, so do the compositions inside.

Most noteworthy are the fun and dedication that the men from Leeds in England show while paying homage to the hard-rocking and metal-lic music of their youth. They tell of wizards and trölls, sing heroically in choirs and the guitars are galloping underlayed by the sound of keyboards. Also, the voice of singer Rob Stringer manages to do the tightrope walk between Hard Rock clichés and Heavy Metal epic in a very sympathetic way.

Nostalgia and oddly catchy tunes help the band to stand out positively in the broad field of Power Metal.

If it´s up to me, DREAM TRÖLL can count themselves amongst the Masters of the Universe in this field.

Band Dream Tröll
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