Cryptic Edifice – Cryptic Edifice (EP, Review in English)

Cover Cryptic Edifice Cryptic Edifice

Style: Epic Heavy Metal
Similar bands: Cirith Ungol, By Fire and Sword, Mamorlis

Release date: 13.01.2020
Label: Self-released
Length: 24:34

Epic Heavy/Doom Metal fans do currently not have to complain about a lack of new music, because the genre is booming. At least within the limits set by the genre, because this type of music will probably remain firmly rooted in the underground forever and will find little to no listeners in the Metal mainstream or Wacken audience. Thank goodness!

But even fans of the underground cannot know and listen to every band. There is no other way to explain why the gem CRYPTIC EDIFICE from Portland, Oregon has so far only been able to gather about 250 followers on Facebook. Because their EP (which was already recorded in 2016, but was only released now) offers everything the heart of the potential fan desires – be it unusual vocals, heavy riffs, strong melodies and solos, thundering bass or perfectly fitting drums. Also fantasy-heavy lyrics (which seem to be influenced mainly by Ron E. Howard’s works) add to the right atmosphere.

CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD and PENTAGRAM are clearly recognizable in the sound of the band, but I think that I can even hear some parallels to BODY COUNT. Hopefully I don’t step on the toes of any of the musicians with this statement, but listen to the riffs and solos on “Cryptic Edifice”!

In any case, CRYPTIC EDIFICE is not an everyday band and you should definitely check them out on Bandcamp and give them a like on Facebook. As always, you can find both links below this review.

Band Cryptic Edifice
Cryptic Edifice on Facebook, Bandcamp, Metal Archives

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