By Fire and Sword – Freedom Will Flood All Things With Light (EP, Review in English)

Cover By Fire and Sword EP

Style: Epic US Power Metal
Similar bands: Doublegeddon, Visigoth, Atlantean Kodex, Eternal Champion

Release date: 05.07.2019
Label: Self-released
Length: 29:02

When experimental alternative rockers and nature-loving Black Metal musicians team up to form a band, you immediately assume a “post” in the genre description. Well, with BY FIRE AND SWORD this would be a grave misjudgment, because their first musical sign of life contains epic US Power Metal songs.

In fact, these songs are unusual in their very own way and therefore do not have to put up with the accusation of wanting to jump on a currently popular train. The positively special vocals most obviously stand out. Not only would the reverberated and rocking voice fit a Retro Rock band as well, the vocals are also performed exactly as you might expect from someone with the pseudonym Honorable Reverend Tim Tom Jones. The sacral image of the band should not be misunderstood as a GHOST reference, because the Reverend and his brothers have nothing to do with Pop music. Galloping guitars, almighty rhythms, epic melodies and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are what the band from Idaho preaches.

For my part, I have already been proselytized to the army of righteousness by the songs of praise and holy verses on “Freedom Will Flood All Things With Light”, and I am more than curious what the future holds for these respectable brethren. A physical release of the EP has already been announced. Hallelujah!

By Fire and Sword Band
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