Ancient Flame – Tyrant Blood (Review in English)

Cover Ancient Flame Tyrant Blood

Style: Epic Pagan Black Metal
Similar bands: Bathory, Obsequiae

Release date: 25.02.2019
Label: Self-released
Length: 42:29

One man projects have a long tradition in Black Metal. There are certainly as many reasons for this as there are projects, but in addition to the genre-typical misanthropy, one reason in particular should be decisive.

This reason, of course, is artistic freedom. And that’s exactly what often results in albums that are far from commercial thinking and mass appeal. Most of them contain music that you either find completely uninteresting, or that you worship with the utmost respect.

In my case, the latter clearly applies to “Tyrant Blood”. I really appreciate epicness and influences of traditional Heavy Metal in Black Metal. Both can be found extensively on this album. And certainly not by chance, because the initials “J. L.” stand for James Lipczynski, guitarist of the Epic Doom Metal band CRYPT SERMON from the USA.

ANCIENT FLAME plays Celtic Black Metal with epic melodies, atmospheric keyboard-choirs and accentuating timpani beats. The songs convey a sense of majestic grandeur and make the listener forget everything around. Only very little is ugly or cold here. Nevertheless, the seven triumphant pieces of music are certainly not Post or otherwise soft-rinsed Black Metal. This is real Pagan Black Metal from the underground!

By the way, the track “Barbaric Majesty” is a contender for the song of the year, because it is perfect to my ears and shows with every passing second how great this genre can be.

Band Ancient Flame
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