Ancalagon – Noctopoth (Review in English)

Cover Ancalagon Noctopoth

Style: Blackened Melodic Death Metal
Similar bands: Gravespell, Thulcandra, Stortregn

Release date: 20.04.2019
Label: Self-released
Length: 31:50

In Tolkien’s Middle-earth universe, “Ancalagon the Black” not only is the biggest dragon that ever haunted Arda, he also breathes the hottest fire. The US band of the same name is certainly not the biggest act that ever originated from the state of New York. But for me their new album is certainly one of the hottest releases this year!

ANCALAGON refer to their style as Melodic Black Metal. Personally, I would absolutely want to add a “Death” here, because listening to “Noctopoth” reminds me of the very early Gothenburg scene (especially IN FLAMES’ “Lunar Strain”) or the great “..of Honesty Forbidden” by the Germans BEHIND THE SCENERY. These Melodic Death Metal bands also extensively used the stylistic elements of Black Metal.

To label ANCALAGON’s music as a genre mix would be inappropriate, because Melodic Death and Black Metal form a homogeneous unit on “Noctopoth”. On top of that, the band managed to compose a coherent and varied album without fillers. I am particularly impressed by the guitars, whose melodies and harmonies carry the spirit of the Scandinavian forefathers, without having to put up with the accusation of a soulless imitation. The Black Metal vocals symbolize the fire of the eponymous dragon through their nasty fervor. This is all fused together by the rhythm fraction, which contributes a perfect intersection of the genres.

Anyone who consistently draws the classics of bands like IN FLAMES, UNANIMATED, DARK TRANQUILITY, SACRAMENTUM and GATES OF ISHTAR from the shelf, or owns releases by GRAVESPELL, KALMAH, THULCANDRA, STORTREGN and the likes, will also be delighted with this album.

Ancalagon Band
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